Buying a pizzeria franchise and open a successful restaurant

PINZARELLA franchise provides an opportunity for novice and experienced restaurateurs to open a pizzeria under a franchise agreement. If you have the necessary resources to launch a project and have a desire to develop together with the brand, then the GastroFamily team will help your dream come true. Open your own restaurant that loves its guests. Conditions, investments, profitability and other details you can find out from Maxim Tsimbriy or read further in the description.

PINZARELLA is a fast food restaurant chain operating as a format from the Borisov Family of Restaurants. How does this place differ from an ordinary pizzeria where pizza is prepared? Here, customers are offered pincers. It is made with three different types of flour, which are fermented, added with different ingredients and infused for 28 hours. Only after that the dough is baked and various sauces, meat, seafood are added to it. There is an opportunity to form the filling for such pincers yourself.

All dishes in this fast food restaurant are prepared within 3-5 minutes and without losing their taste. Many clients are simply delighted with such dishes, they become regular visitors. In addition to pintsa, the restaurant also prepares classic pizza – Neapolitan, mozzarella, which is baked in an oven on natural wood and charcoal. Fresh and high-quality products are used for cooking.

The average check is 350 hryvnia, which is a very low price for such an establishment. Thanks to this and a whole list of different promotions and discounts, the restaurant chain is visited by more than 10 thousand customers a month. The turnover of one restaurant is approximately one million hryvnia per month.

As of today, two PINZARELLA establishments from the Borisov Family of Restaurants have already been opened in Kiev. But the network continues to develop, and the management offers potential partners very favorable conditions for obtaining a franchise and opening their PINZARELLA restaurant. Throughout the process of discovery and operation, you will be supported by experienced leaders and managers.

If you decide to buy a PINZARELLA franchise, then our specialists will be happy to help you in the selection of a franchise or a ready-made business, implementation and project management.

Franchise price and conditions:
  • The first installment for a franchise is $ 25,000.
  • Royalty – 5% of total income per month.
  • Investments – from 800 to 1200 dollars per 1 square meter of the restaurant.

PINZARELLA Franchise, information taken from open sources and may differ from the official ones. The current conditions can be found on the company’s website:

The popularity of pizza is firmly entrenched in the Ukrainian market. Therefore, now you can find more than ten popular pizzerias that can be opened under a franchise agreement. The PINZARELLA franchise is a fairly young company, but thanks to the support of the strong Gastrofamily team, you will be able to implement a unique project in your city. It is also necessary to remember that a restaurant franchise in Ukraine is an additional guarantee of profitability and a well-functioning business model.

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