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Barsuk franchise was created by the famous restaurateur Dima Borisov. Maxim Tsibriy – franchise development director, is involved in the implementation of each and every project.

Barsuk is a chain of fast food restaurants, created as one of the formats of establishments from the Borisov Family of Restaurants. The first Badger was opened more than ten years ago in Pechersk in Kiev, and since that time it has an almost full hall of visitors every day. Now in the capital there are already three restaurants under the Barsuk brand. It was from this institution that the history of the Borisov restaurant chain began.

The restaurant offers visitors breakfasts and dinners, but the largest number of visitors in the hall gathers for lunch. This is a very popular fast food restaurant, which offers a large number of dishes at an affordable price, prepared from natural, fresh and very tasty products.

The restaurant’s menu contains dishes from different parts of the world; national cuisines of different countries are presented here. Despite the simplicity and speed of preparation, many customers love this establishment. That is why approximately 70% of all visitors are regular customers.

Once upon a time, at the beginning of his activity, the Badger changed the idea of ​​ordinary people that the kitchen can be not only cheap, but also very tasty. That is why the restaurant chain is constantly expanding. Today, Badger’s management invites many entrepreneurs to open their own restaurant on favorable terms.

The turnover in the restaurant is about 1.8 million hryvnia per month, with the number of guests – more than 6 thousand people. The profitability of the establishment is approximately 23%. If you want to quickly open a profitable business and start making money, then the experienced team of the Badger chain will help you to do this.

If you decide to buy a Badger franchise, then our specialists will be happy to help you in the selection of a franchise, or a ready-made business, implementation and project management.

Price and terms of the Barsuk franchise:
  • The lump-sum fee is 50 thousand dollars.
  • Royalty – 5% of all income per month.
  • Investments – from 800 to 1200 dollars per 1 square meter of the restaurant.

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