Franchising in Ukraine – Dima Borisov Restaurateur

BPSH franchise is the flagship of the Borisov restaurant chain. The franchise team headed by Maxim Tsibriy offers to open a restaurant under a franchise agreement. Also, the company will take care of all the nuances in the opening of a new enterprise. Namely, location analysis, selection of contractors, opening and operational support of the enterprise. Franchise terms, price, entrance fee, payback, read further in the description.

BPSH is a chain of restaurants, street food format. The abbreviation of the restaurant already contains the names of its main dishes – Belyash, Donut and Shawarma.

Today in Kiev there are already four such establishments, and the fifth is under construction. The chain’s executives want to expand, which is why they are selling a franchise to open restaurants under their own brand.

One of the most popular dishes in Ukraine is shawarma. That is why BPSH takes its preparation very seriously. Despite the fact that this dish is prepared very quickly, it does not lose its taste. The chain management believes that belyash is truly a gastronomic dish, very tasty, which has lost its former glory. That is why in BPSH restaurants it is prepared very diligently and with high quality, using natural products and meat. And for dessert, you can order one of the varieties of sweet donuts with different fillings.

If you decide to open your own BPSH restaurant, then you need to leave a request on the official website. Then the project managers will contact you and tell you about all the stages of cooperation and project implementation. Cooperating with gastrofamily, you will receive comprehensive support from the management, an already developed and proven business model. You can quickly open your own business and start making a profit in the shortest possible time.

If you decide to buy a BPS franchise, then our specialists will be happy to help you in the selection of a franchise or a ready-made business, implementation and project management.

Price and terms of the BPSH franchise:
  • The lump-sum fee is 30 thousand dollars.
  • Royalty – discussed individually, depending on the size of the restaurant.
  • General investments – depending on the area of ​​the establishment – from 800 to 1200 dollars per square meter.

BPSH Franchise, information taken from open sources and may differ from official sources. The current conditions can be found on the company’s website:

Street Food is a democratic establishment format that allows a wide target audience to enjoy quick bites with friends with a glass of fresh cider. The BPS franchise is under development, so you have the opportunity to become a partner on more loyal terms than the popular international franchises offer.

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