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Dzhigit franchise will become a special place to spend time in your city. Georgian cuisine continues to win the hearts of Ukrainians. Dzhigit restaurant franchise offers a comprehensive solution for its partners

“Dzhigit” is a very successful chain of Georgian restaurants, which is located not only in Ukraine, but also in neighbouring countries. The establishments of this network prepare dishes of real Georgian cuisine. Connoisseurs of such masterpieces will be able to immediately say that the restaurants “Dzhigit” cook very tasty and high quality. All products are supplied from different parts of the world, and the meat is not frozen, it is natural and always very fresh. Basically, restaurants prepare meat dishes. In addition to traditional khinkali and Georgian kebabs, they offer real Georgian wine, very tasty and healthy. And if visitors want something stronger, they will be offered traditional Georgian chacha – a drink that has long become the hallmark of Georgian cuisine.

The management of the chain of these restaurants adheres to the motto “Fast and democratic”. Despite the fact that real professionals in the restaurant prepare delicious dishes very quickly, the taste does not suffer from this. Note that the average bill is only 190 hryvnia, which makes the restaurant accessible to a wide audience.

The chain of restaurants and their owners have vast experience in running this kind of business. Today in Ukraine there are already several dozen such establishments and the network is constantly expanding. Managers of Dzhigit restaurants offer all-round support to ambitious entrepreneurs after signing a franchise agreement.

The new restaurant will pay off completely within eight months. They will help you to open a restaurant on a turnkey basis within a month and a half after you applied for the purchase of the Dzhigit franchise.

If you want to buy a franchise “Dzhigit”, or another brand, then our specialists will be happy to help you in the selection of a franchise, or a ready-made business, implementation and project management.

Franchise costs and requirements:
  • The first installment for residents of Ukraine is 7 thousand dollars, for foreign countries – about 15 thousand dollars.
  • Royalty – 2% of total income per month.
  • Total investment – from 25 thousand dollars to 50 thousand, depending on the premises.
  • The payback is about 8 months.
  • Labor Cost – 20%.

Dzhigit franchise, the information is taken for review from open sources and may differ from the official ones. The current conditions can be found on the company’s website:

According to restaurant experts and restaurateurs, Georgian cuisine is just beginning to develop in Ukraine. Today, a Georgian restaurant franchise can be found at several companies. Conditions and prices can vary greatly. Thus, opening a restaurant can cost $100,000, or you can buy a franchise and implement the format for $25,000. It all depends on the target audience you want to focus on.

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