Pizza Delight franchise. Brand history. Franchise cost

The Pizza Delight restaurant chain was established in Canada. The first restaurant opened in 1968. Ryabo, the founder, wanted to create this establishment in Canada, which will prepare very high quality and delicious pizza. Not surprisingly, the menu mainly has a huge number of different varieties of this dish.

The success of the restaurant came very quickly, because there was a huge number of new visitors who became regular customers. Beginning in 1969, just a year after its opening, Pizza Delight began issuing franchise licenses – using its brand to open similar restaurants across the country.

Subsequently, there were dozens of these restaurants in Canada. A couple of years passed, and the figure reached a couple of hundred institutions. Today, Pizza Delight restaurants exist not only in Canada but also in America and in European countries.

The management claims that it tries to create a very pleasant atmosphere in its restaurants, so that each customer is pleasantly surprised by how they are treated. Each guest can personally see exactly how he is prepared this or that dish.

The turnover of one restaurant per year is now estimated at more than $50 million. The management of the network invites ambitious entrepreneurs to obtain a franchise to use the Pizza Delight brand.

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Franchise Costs & Fees:

  • Payment for the first collection is from 10 to 40 thousand dollars.
  • Royalty – from 4 to 6%, depending on the location.
  • Advertising fee – 4.5%.
  • Payment for the equipment is approximately 70 thousand dollars.
  • Personal funds in a bank account – at least 300 thousand dollars.
  • The total investment of the franchise is from 175 to 500 thousand dollars.

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