Shtrudel franchise. Brand history. Franchise cost

Strudel franchise, an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start earning extra income and open a coffee shop of their dreams. Opening a franchise coffee shop in Ukraine remains a popular demand. Which franchise to choose? You’re probably wondering about the question. Let’s meet our guest, who has been working in this segment for more than a year.

Strudel is a network of coffee shops and bakeries that operate throughout Ukraine and have a fairly high commercial success. The first such bakery was opened a few years ago in Lviv and was immediately liked by many visitors.

By the name, you can already understand that the main and special dish in the network of cafes is strudel. It is prepared with sweet and savory fillings, in addition, there are various snacks and other dishes that the chefs prepare right in front of visitors.

With these wonderful strudels, guests are offered a variety of drinks, such as aromatic coffee, signature cocktails, refreshing lemonades and smoothies. The café offers a wide wine list, and the waiters will always advise you on the best and most delicious wine. Currently, the network is actively developing and offers its potential partners very favorable and unique conditions for cooperation with the franchise.

The head of the chain of establishments has invented more than twenty different and unique fillings for branded strudel. Thanks to him, the franchise for this brand and the opening of the restaurant will be a profitable investment with a high return on investment.

The style of this institution and the brand itself has long been known throughout Ukraine. That is why, if you decide to buy a franchise to use the brand, your institution will automatically become known and popular in your city. The management of the network offers to share their experience in running a successful business and promises that your coffee shop will be profitable in the first months of operation.

If you would like to buy a “Shtrudel” franchise, or another brand, then our experts will be happy to help you choose a franchise, or a ready-made business, develop a project, providing F&B management solutions.

Franchise Costs & Fees:

  • The first installment is approximately 12 thousand dollars.
  • Royalties and deductions – 3% of the total monthly turnover.
  • Advertising fee – 1%.
  • It is possible to buy an individual franchise on special terms.
  • Total investments – from 20 to 40 thousand dollars.
  • Training is free.

Shtrudel franchise: The information is taken for review from open sources and may differ from the official ones. The terms and conditions can be found on the company’s website:

Many interested entrepreneurs looking to buy a coffee shop franchise are also looking for opportunities to transfer control of the business. Thus, the concept of a management franchise is now actively developing. This allows the partner to invest capital in the purchase of a profitable franchise and receive passive income.

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