Starting a franchised sushi restaurant in Ukraine

Sushi Master franchise has enjoyed all-Ukrainian popularity for many years. Project managers offer to become partners of the network as investors. The main advantage is that the company has an offer – Management franchise. Terms of cooperation, price, investment, payback, read further in the description.

In Ukraine, the development of the network is carried out by the company X100Invest. Detailed information at

Sushi Master is an international restaurant chain that serves Pan-Asian and Japanese cuisine. The first such restaurant was opened in 2013 in Russia, and since that time restaurants have been actively developing in several countries. Thus, more than 100 restaurants under the Sushi Master brand have already been sold.

The brand is gaining worldwide recognition and is very attractive for business investment. This is confirmed by the popularity of restaurants and their profitability. These restaurants are distinguished by their atmosphere, inside the interior is made in an Asian style. Entering such a room, each client feels like in Japan, everything harmoniously emphasizes the pleasant and delicious dishes served on the table.

By signing a franchise with the Sushi Master brand, you will receive management support and hands-on training at one of the network locations. You will be lucky enough to work with famous chefs, for example, Ronnie Keikazaki, who is now one of the ten best chefs of our time, works in the network of this brand.

A partner who buys a franchise gets new technologies, great opportunities to do business with a well-known brand, unique recipes, and all this with a moderate investment. Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine is in great demand among customers, which is why it is beneficial to conclude a franchise agreement. In restaurants, everything is prepared very quickly and deliciously; any customer can taste traditional Japanese sushi combined with exquisite wines and natural juices.

If you want to buy a Sushi Master franchise, or another brand, then our specialists will be happy to help you in the selection of a franchise, or a ready-made business, implementation and project management.

Price and terms of the Sushi Master franchise:
  • The first installment is about 7 thousand dollars.
  • There are no deductions and royalties.
  • ROI – from 9 months.
  • Total investments – from 25 to 45 thousand dollars.
  • The required area for a restaurant is from 20 to 120 square meters.
  • The required staff is from 3 to 8 people.
  • Training is discussed individually.

Sushi Master Franchise, information taken from open sources and may differ from the official ones. The current conditions can be found on the company’s website:

The opportunity to invest in a Management Franchise gives the partner additional freedom. Since the enterprise is effectively managed by experienced managers. You can follow all the processes in your application. We believe that the Sushi Master franchise will continue to actively develop a network of sushi bars in the takeaway format in Ukraine and abroad.

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