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The Varenik franchise will be your profitable investment decision. The company actively strives to develop its format. Therefore, he proposes to open a restaurant under a franchise agreement. A team with many years of experience will help you choose an advantageous location. Will form a team that will ensure smooth management of the restaurant and will guarantee high profitability and a quick return on investment.

The Varenik is a restaurant chain that includes more than twenty establishments. These restaurants prepare homemade dumplings and dumplings. Basically, the restaurants of this chain are developing and operating in Ukraine.

Another feature of the chain’s restaurants is that their traditional and main course is dumplings and dumplings of their own production. These dishes are made very quickly in front of the visitors. For cooking, only premium flour is used, as well as very fresh and natural meat – pork, veal and chicken.

The Varenik is a true family run venue that first showed how hand-made truly home-cooked meals were made. For the preparation of dumplings and dumplings, different old homemade recipes are used, but they have been adapted to the modern pace and lifestyle.

Almost every visitor can afford to dine or have breakfast at The Varenik restaurant, since the prices for all dishes are very democratic and low. But at the same time they are very tasty and high quality. To freeze previously prepared dishes in a restaurant, a special shock freezer is used. After defrosting, the food remains fresh and does not lose its taste.

The main differences between The Varenik chain and other similar establishments are a wide range of products and very low, affordable prices. If you decide to open a restaurant under the management of this chain, then you can quickly set up a business and make a profit in the first months of operation.

Food and meals are suitable for the whole family. The design of the restaurants is very bright and cozy. For you, as an entrepreneur, round-the-clock marketing and sales support will be organized. The chain has over eight years of experience in restaurant management and franchising.

The real payback of a new establishment is about 12 months, royalties are much lower than other franchises – 4% of sales per month. A small investment and comprehensive brand support will allow you to quickly collect a certain number of regular customers.

The Varenik Franchise, information taken from open sources and may differ from the official ones. The current conditions can be found on the company’s website:

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