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Franchise Directory in Ukraine. The Best franchises in 2022 in Europe

The popularity of franchises in Ukraine and around the world regularly becomes the best decision to start a new business, even if you do not have enough experience in a particular industry.

Franchise Directory from Franchise Group

Franchise Group is one of the most popular franchise catalogs in Ukraine. Its website contains both Ukrainian franchises and brands of world fast food chains. And also, you can find business franchises in other industries. Site visitors note that the resource is very convenient in finding a suitable offer. If you have additional questions, after leaving a request, the manager of the company will contact you as soon as possible.

Franchise Group Services

  • Creation of a franchise. If you are a business owner, and you need professional help in creating a franchise, then a team of experts in this matter will be able to provide a comprehensive solution for your project.
  • The first franchising school. This is a unique opportunity not only to learn to see all sides of your business, but also to define the USP of your future franchise. Upon completion of the courses, you will be able to become a successful franchisor and start scaling your business.
  • Franchise Camp. An opportunity to meet successful entrepreneurs under one roof to exchange their experiences and new ideas.
  • Submit your franchise to the Franchise Group catalog. Probably the very first and necessary step for selling your franchise is to place it in the best directory so that many potential franchisees can familiarize themselves with the information and leave their application.

To buy a franchise or familiarize yourself with the franchise catalog from the Franchise Group, follow the link

The Best Franchise Directory on Franch Biz

Franch – One of the first companies to actively engage in the development of franchises in Ukraine and the former CIS countries.

The company offers a wide range of packaging and franchise development services. On the company’s website, you can familiarize yourself with the packages of services for packaging, placement in the catalog and promotion of your franchise. A huge advantage of the company is its active work in the organization of restaurant events, which can be viewed on their popular YouTube channel.

To order franchise packaging or apply for placing an offer in the franchise catalog, go to the company’s website:

Top Franchise Directory from Inventure

InVenture Investment Group is an investment brokerage company. Specializes in key industries in Ukraine to help investors profitably invest or sell their asset. On the company’s website, you can place both your franchise and a business for sale. Experts in the company will be able to help you with a business plan or attracting investment in your project. The company’s website has a section with franchises, where several brands are presented. You can also conclude an exclusive contract to sell your business quickly and profitably.

You can find out about the conditions for placing a franchise or selling your business on the company’s website:

Franchise directory on

This is probably the most loyal business resource. Since, you can place your franchise in their directory, completely free of charge. The site is very popular and is included in the top 3 most visited resources in Ukraine. If you are planning to sell a business, then there will be a separate category for your offer – selling a business. To attract more visitors, the site administration has created an additional section – Commercial real estate. To place a franchise in the directory, you will need to register first. The conditions and requirements for the announcement can be found on the company’s website:

Franchise Capital’s International Franchise Directory

Franchise Capital – The most powerful Ukrainian catalog of franchises. The company is represented in several countries such as Belarus and Kazakhstan. The founder of the company, Alexander Alekseenko, has extensive experience in the franchise business, as a development expert and even a franchisee. Therefore, if you are still thinking about whom to turn to for comprehensive assistance in the development of your company, then Alexander can become an important strategic partner for you.

In this small article, we have presented only 4 paired franchise catalogs. Also, you can familiarize yourself with franchise offers on our website. For each franchise, official resources are indicated, which you can go to and leave a request, so that the company manager will contact you:

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