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NAU Ottica Franchise. Open an optics shop in Ukraine

An optics franchise in 2022 is a way not only to make a stable income, but also to practice in the role of an entrepreneur and a successful businessman. Many people know that it is possible to partner with well-known brands and generate income from such partnerships. In this article, we will tell you how to open your own NAU Ottica optics shop!.

NAU Ottica Franchise is quite an interesting offer in the field of optics. We have partially studied this franchise and prepared a small report that you can request from our managers.

NAU! Ottica is a chain of optical salons and shops, as well as establishments that sell sunglasses. The network offers a complete list of various varieties of optical accessories at affordable prices.

Why is it profitable to develop this business

In Ukraine today there are not many shops selling high-quality, and most importantly, affordable glasses. The market is practically free. It is promising to open such a store even in a small city, since even in such cities people need to buy glasses. Of course, such a business will be especially profitable in the spring, when people start buying sunglasses.

But, despite this, such a business is not seasonal, because you can sell in such stores not only sunglasses, but also glasses for the visually impaired. Considering also the fact that such a business does not cover only a certain category of buyers, then opening an optics store in Ukraine today is a very correct move.

About NAU! Ottica

NAU! Ottica is one of the most successful companies in the world that sells different types of optics. Basically, the stores of this company are located in Italy, there are more than 100 of them. In addition, the network is also widespread in Spain, France, Ukraine, Russia and other countries, there are offices even in India.

All glasses are designed by designers of the best Italian brands, but prices are affordable for everyone (optical fashion frames from €30 to €70; sunglasses from €40 to €60). In the complete collection of the optics store, there are over 1,500 different eyewear models.

NAU! Ottica Franchise

  • Entry fee – 10 thousand dollars
  • Royalty – none
  • Advertising costs, advertising costs and opening a new store – 50% of the total investment, the rest of the costs are covered by NAU
  • Total investments – from 125 thousand dollars
  • Benefits and features of the franchise

Buy an optics franchise in Ukraine under the NAU brand! Ottica is possible by paying only 50% of all investment costs. The company pays half of all store opening costs. For greater confidence, the right is given, if desired, to return the remnants of the first season and terminate the activity. That is, you will have the opportunity to play it safe, if, for example, this business does not go well, then you can return all the goods and get back your funds that you spent on the purchase of glasses.

NAU optician network franchise! It is also good because you do not need to be a professional in the fashion industry to work. There is a special sales program that monitors the quantity of goods sold. It is this program that draws up the future sales plan, based on the results of the last month, in order to guarantee the maximum profit and return on investment.

If the NAU Franchise! You are interested in Ottica, then you can contact representatives of the company on their official website or contact our specialists for additional assistance.

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